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Cloud Applications

Cloud applications that I have used and recommend are starred, other applications are popular. All are free except where noted. To suggest other cloud applications take the survey.

Personal Information Management

Email: Google mail* (now with integrated Google Chat and Tasks)
Calendars: Google Calendar* (multiple public/private calendars, sync with Outlook)
Tasks: Remember The Milk*
Notes: Evernote* (used to prefer Google Notebook but deprecated now that development has halted)


Chat: Meebo*
Voice: If you know of a Web 2.0 app without a client download – email suggestions
Video: If you know of a Web 2.0 app without a client download – email suggestions


Blogs: WordPress*, Blogger*
Networks: Facebook*
Feed readers: Google Reader*
Links: Delicious*
Microblogs: Twitter*, Yammer*

Web Collaboration

Web sites: Google Pages*, WordPress* (pages, as used for this site), Office Live* (needs Small Business Live a/c)
Wikis: PBwiki*, Wetpaint, Zoho Wiki


Create/edit: Google Docs*, Zoho Docs*
Store/share: Windows Live Skydrive* (25 GB free), Office Live Workspace* (5 GB free), Google Docs (file types limited)
Synchronise: Live Mesh* (5 GB online backup, remote access), Live Sync* (PC & Mac,no online copy)

Specialist Tasks

Slides: Create/edit: Google Docs* (Presentation), Zoho Show*
Store/show: Slideshare* (can add audio track), Slideboom
Mind maps: Mindmeister*, Bubblus (simple but pretty)
CRM: Highrise*
Project management: Basecamp*
Surveys: SurveyMonkey*


Images/photos: Store: Flickr*, Picasaweb*, Twitpic*
Edit: Flickr
Video: Store: YouTube*,*

Written by Michael Rees

13 April 2009 at 17:50

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