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Using Twitter Effectively

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Twitter for Education

Short form of Twitter for Academia

  • Class chatter both inside (if allowed) and outside: often only tangentially related
  • Classroom community carries on into the real world
  • A sense of the world: check the public tweet timeline but beware of obscene language
  • Track a word: use Twitter search to follow discussion about a topic over time (word has to be relatively uncommon)
  • Follow a professional or famous person: use Twitter search or actually follow them
  • Get instant feedback: ask a question and often receive many answers quickly
  • Public notepad: share ideas while planning, creating

Twitter for Business

  • Some thoughts from Des Walsh:
    • Create a virtual community across individuals working alone, departments, companies
    • Information share
    • Find tips on events, software and other artifacts
    • Follow business gurus
  • Twitter as a Business Tool: blog

Written by Michael Rees

9 February 2009 at 10:47

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