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Starting with Twitter

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  1. In a web browser visit and then click the Join the conversation button.
  2. Think carefully how you intend to use Twitter – personal or business or both. Remember like all the Internet information you submit is permanent.
    • Choose to reveal all or part of your real name which is shown in most Twitter clients
    • Choose a Twitter name that makes it easy for others to find you. This determines your Twitter URL,
    • The email address is used to inform you of when people follow you and of direct messages
  3. Skip the steps that attempt to search for friends on various email services and the list of high-flying Twitter users
  4. You will now be logged in
  5. When you have logged in click on Settings:
    • The More Info URL, One Line Bio and Location are all important when others decide whether to follow you or not
    • Decide whether to Protect your updates, ie make them private or not
    • Upload a photo to represent you – again choice is crucial
    • Choose your Twitter page design, or upload your own background image – keep the size below 100K
  6. Type in your first tweet about your current activity, thoughts, environment, upcoming events or anything that takes your fancy. Note the counter shows how many characters are left. Click the update button. Note the layout of tweets.
  7. To find friends to follow click on Find People and then Find on Twitter. Search for your friends by twitter name and/or real name. Try mrees if you are stuck!
  8. Explore the use of Twitter client software on your desktop and mobile phone – see Twitter Tips and Tricks.

Written by Michael Rees

9 February 2009 at 08:38

2 Responses

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