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Windows Live Mesh

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Windows Live Mesh requires a free Windows Live ID (Hotmail account for example) and a free Live Mesh client application to be run on two or more computers connected to the Internet. Using a central web page logged in with the Live ID called the Live Desktop any number of machines can be added to the Live Mesh.

Once part of Live Mesh any number of folders on two or more computers can be synced automatically in the background between the Live Desktop and the computers. Note that the computers must be running at the same time for synchronisation to occur.

The Live Desktop provides:

  • a central location on the web where synced files can be accessed at any time from any machine anywhere in the world
  • a backup copy of all synced files; the free capacity of the Live Desktop starts at 5 GB and is continually expanded as part of the 25 GB SkyDrive associated with every Live ID account
  • peer to peer synchronisation if you exceed the Live Desktop storage limit; ie folders are synchronised between machines but the files are not stored on the central Live Desktop

To connect to Live Mesh:

  1. If you don’t have a Live ID visit and sign up
  2. Visit to join Live Live Mesh and click on the Install Software icon; the Live Mesh operating environment is installed with links to Windows Explorer; repeat this on each machine with which you wish to use Live Sync
  3. On the page create synchronised Live Mesh folders or use Windows Explorer on any machine in the mesh to create synchronised folders
  4. Whenever any of your Live Mesh machines is connected to the Internet synchronisation will occur in the background; synchronisation is delayed for affected files until they are not open in other applications




Written by Michael Rees

16 February 2009 at 10:40

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